Think of RexaZyte as part of your diet rather than as part of any medicinal regime. These herbs can all be found in nature and have been taking by men for centuries. They have had very few reported side effects and they're compatible with most medications. However, it is always recommended to check with your doctor before trying any type of new vitamin or supplement.
RexaZyte was designed to be taken as a daily supplement to your normal diet for best results. That being said, once you've started a regular regime, an additional dose of RexaZyte can also be taken a few hours before sex to maximize your sexual performance.

The way we like to think about it is this: if synthetic drugs such as the "V-pill" are the nitrous oxide that turbo-charges your sex drive for one night only, then RexaZyte is the daily gasoline that fuels your libido on a regular basis. One doesn't work without the other. (Without any gas in your car, the nitrous boost is completely useless.)
For best results, take 2 capsules twice per day for the first 14 days. After the first two weeks, lower the dosage to just 1 capsule twice a day. Take with a full glass of water, preferably after meals. An additional tablet can be taken 1-2 hours before sexual activity.
This is a great question. Just last week our top researcher saw a $12.99 male "Libido-booster" pill in a liquor store. (And yes, it was $12.99 for ONE PILL!) After he read through the ingredients he could instantly tell this pill was no different than most of the male pills on the market. We believe many of these pills are priced so high because people think the high price means it MUST really work. Well, it's just not true.

RexaZyte was designed with the help of top scientists at world-famous M.I.T. and our earth-shattering ingredeint LJ100. our superior formula gets results where it matters. Our focus was on one thing and one thing only: blood flow. This is what really matters when the goal is harder, longer-lasting erections.
RexaZyte is not the type of supplement that would make someone pop a drug test. But be sure to check that out for yourself. We would tell you "No" it will not make you pop, but we have heard reports of bagels with poppy seed on them making people pop certain drug test. So be sure to do your own research, however we don't think you should worry about this.
Quite honestly, we hope you'll be ordering RexaZyte from us forever and taking this supplement every day. But until you've seen the results for yourself, just start off with ONE or THREE bottles. We are confident that if you use as directed, the results alone will be enough to keep you coming back to this site and ordering more.

The most popular order for new customers is the 3 bottle package, and that's what we recommend to start with. However, because we have many repeat customers, we offer the 5 bottle package so you can take advantage of even deeper discounts.
This is another great question. I'd love to be able to tell you that it works for everyone, but the fact is we have a return rate of about 2%. I don't yet know the reason for this, and I'm constantly studying this issue looking for ways to improve.

But, to tell you the truth, the reason someone might be unsatisfied doesn't really matter to us …because we're going to return their money anyway. There's only one way to find out if it works for you and that's to try it. If there's any reason at all you're unsatisfied, just return the product within 90 days and get your money back.
NO! We know this FAQ is supposed to just give some basic info, but let me diverge for a minute to tell a quick story. When we were developing the formula for RexaZyte, our team started traveling all over the world to track down the herbs that men in other cultures have been using for centuries to boost their libidos. The most noted example is our partnership with M.I.T. and the GOVERNMENT of Malaysia that resulted in the super compound JL100 being in our formula. But we didn't just stop with our journey in Malaysia.

We ended up in Indonesia while searching for the mysterious root called Tongkat Ali. We actually stayed in a small village for several weeks and went into the jungle to harvest the root with the other men.

Now, the strongest friendship we developed on all our travels was with the patriarch of this village, Fufu. While we never got an "exact" answer as to how old Fufu really was, but he was definitely over 80. This man journeyed deep into the jungles with men half his age and outperformed them EVERY time when it came to strength and stamina. Fufu had recently re-married (his previous wife had unfortunately died several years ago) and his new wife was a stunningly beautiful young woman, maybe 30 years old, probably younger.

Let's just say this: Our team slept in a small "cabin" right next door to Fufu's and they reported for a FACT (based on the sounds his wife was making at night) that she was one sexually satisfied young lady. Fufu had taken Tongkat Ali for his entire life, and he was living proof not only that it works but also that a man can NEVER be too old to have an amazing and fulfilling sex life.
Some users experience results as fast as 60 minutes after taking RexaZyte. Everyone has a different tolerance to certain key ingredients. Nevertheless, you should begin to notice the long-term benefits of RexaZyte after about 3 days and the maximum benefits after about 14-21 days.
Well, this is the million dollar question. The truth is it's impossible to answer this question with a simple "yes" or "no." There's obviously a lot more to it. The breakthrough I had when developing this product came to me when I thought about just how much time and energy is put into the *size* issue. I had a sudden realization one night: what "bigger" really means is HARDER.

The penis is a dynamic organ…you know just as well as me that it's always changing shape and size. Here's what happens when it begins to get erect: blood flow is directed to the area, causing the capillaries in both erectile chambers to fill and expand. Now, the thing is: there are varying degrees of expansion possible. Depending on the rate and amount of blood flow, your erections are actually always different sizes.

So that means if we can maximize the blood flow, the erectile chambers will fill and expand to their FULL capacity, resulting in an erection that is as hard as your penis can be. It's highly likely that most men have never reached their full potential when it comes to how hard they're getting. Which means that most men have no idea how big their penis really is.

We'll say it another way: more blood flow equals a harder erection, which equals a bigger erection, which equals a bigger penis. RexaZyte was designed to do only one thing: maximize blood flow. Because that's what makes our erections harder.
We ship Monday through Friday and always ship within 24 hours upon receiving your order. Shipping takes between 2 and 7 business days (within the USA).
Yes. RexaZyte is shipping in a plain brown envelope and no one but you will know what's inside your package.
Yes again. Your bank statement will say nothing about what RexaZyte is.
No. You will only be billed for what you order today and nothing more. You will be shipped only what you order today. Many of our customers have requested an auto-ship feature, (we're working on adding it) but at this time it's still unavailable.



With RexaZyte you will have INSTANT results. We GUARANTEE it, 100% MONEY BACK.
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Its fact, both partners will ENJOY a better sex life when the man’s penis is larger.


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Single bottle of RexaZyte
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five bottles of RexaZyte
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Three bottles of RexaZyte
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